Everything You Should Know About The Benefits of Wood Countertops

There are many benefits of wood countertops, but they’re pretty low-key in comparison to the many advantages of laminate or tile. While the countertop will be more resistant to stain, scratches and spills, there’s nothing like actually sitting on it, especially if it has a solid surface. Here are some of the things you should consider when deciding which of these materials is right for your kitchen.

Appearance: The first thing that can give a home a whole new look is the countertop, and it’s no different with wood. It’s long been a popular choice for homeowners because of its durability, though some consumers have complained that the look of some unfinished surfaces can be marred by scratches and marks. As such, knowing how much damage can be done is important when choosing the material. Laminate and tile both use a waterproof coating on their surfaces to protect them from scratches, so you’ll need to consider this when selecting a material.

Durability: While a beautiful countertop can last for decades and may even require maintenance, something may need to be replaced sooner than you think. For instance, wood tends to be more durable than laminate or tile, and the added moisture resistance may be required by some customers. Despite this, you can be confident that this material will last long enough that you can enjoy it for years.

Health Benefits: This can be a controversial topic, but with many people now using wood for both the countertops of their kitchens and their fireplaces, it’s no surprise that wood is making a comeback in popularity. Wood offers many health benefits in addition to its durability. It’s a great insulator, which can reduce noise levels and keep your home cooler in the summertime.

Look: It’s easy to see why granite is quickly gaining in popularity. Granite, especially polished granite, can look elegant and luxurious. When using wood for your countertops, you won’t find granite and other natural stones to match the color or texture of the material. However, with a little care, you can achieve a similar effect with a wood countertop.

Cost: Laminates and tiles both come in different price ranges, but laminate prices tend to be more consistent than those of tiles. For many homeowners, the price difference is not an issue, but for those on a tight budget, it may make a difference. Wood, on the other hand, doesn’t have the same range of pricing as laminate or tile. It also doesn’t offer the added benefits of durability, chemical resistance, and health benefits.

Durability: These materials do share a number of attractive qualities, but in the end they can be hard to work with. Whether you’re looking for durability for the kitchen or an aesthetic appeal for your fireplace, wood can provide it. Even if you’re replacing your countertops every couple of years, you’ll still be able to add new items or wood trim pieces to your kitchen’s design without worry about the wooden pieces deteriorating.

Cleaning: Unlike the common perception, installing wood won’t cause problems for your plumbing or drain lines. In fact, the natural oil from the wood can help keep them clean. If you need to replace your countertops, this is even more true, as the outside of the material tends to chip away easily. If you’re worried about potential stains, this is especially true.

Beauty: In addition to the beautiful appearance that many homeowners find in their kitchen, they are usually built to order. Wood can be even more customized, so even though your existing countertops may not have the same look as those that can be built, it’s possible to achieve a great-looking finish with wood. It’s also easy to add touches like maple or pine to add even more complexity.

Maintenance: Despite all of the benefits of wood, it can still be susceptible to damage due to accidents or even human error. Before you make the plunge, make sure you thoroughly inspect the countertop before purchasing it. Installing cabinets incorrectly, spilling food on the floor or creating scratches could all mean purchasing a subpar product. Or worse, losing money in the long run because it isn’t what you wanted.

Wooden countertops offer beauty, durability, and even more benefits than traditional materials. They’ve been around for centuries and can still be beautiful today. And you should take the time to learn all of the ways you can upgrade your kitchen.